“A mini volcano!  Blisteringly hot eye-magnet of Burlesque brilliance!”

Bioux Lee Hayes, Boom Boom & La Reve (London)    

“Missy Fatale has been emerging onto the Burlesque & Cabaret scene the past few years with her sultry strip-tease and Charleston dances in a way that very few are able to execute with sheer glamour and sophistication”

Chaz Royal, London Burlesque Week (London & Amsterdam)

“Missy Fatale puts on a terrific show.  She’s a fiery vixen, dripping in diamonds with the talent and originality of true star. I would not hesitate to book her for any client of mine especially those with the more elite tastes.”

Zoe Ryan, Zoe Ryan Artists (London)

“Her shows are both alluring and sexy….she has the mystery of a vamp and the ability to make any man (or woman) go weak at the knees with one wink of an eye. All I can say, is that she is hot! hot! hot! Literally!!!”

Melanie Bruyer, Director of Sugar Blue Burlesque (Australia, London, Zurich)

“Missy Fatale performs sensationally captivating burlesque routines executed with seductive charm and a dedicated perfection. You will be mesmerised by her graceful beauty.”

Lady Alex, Wam Bam Club (London)

“She brought the sex-appeal of Josephine Baker into our show. We love her true spirit of sultry blues dance and the unexpected reveal of the Opium Den. She is marvelous and enchanting and teases with exquisite and exotic vintage burlesque dancing! We love her!”

Mama Ulita and THE LIPSI LILLIES (Leipzig ,Germany)

“When I first saw this three-boobed world wonder, I was amazed at Missy Fatale’s talent to add a new touch to burlesque, combining refreshing ideas with a sense of glamour and elegance which comes very naturally to her. She is a delightful dancer and a highly professional performer, who makes the audience shiver with pleasure every time she takes the stage. From a highly energetic flapper Charleston to a delicate fan dance, there’s nothing this lady can’t do.”

Jill Mathieu, Neo Retro (Belgium & France)

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