Contributing her Kabarett Verboten act, Missy Fatale moves voluptuously with languid sensuality. The English bombshell works fire, water and glitter into her sophisticated dance to a torrid Middle Eastern beat. Snakelike and deliberate, Ms. Fatale’s sinuous charms are a hypnotic revelry of erotic indulgence.
C.J. Lazaretti – This Is Cabaret 2012

Absolutely scintillating…
Time Out 2011

…..and diamond-studded Missy Fatale, sensuously writhing behind the red glow of a backlit screen to Minnie the Moocher before performing a near-hypnotic flaming torch dance.
Erotic Review Opening Gala of London Burlesque Week, 2011

The Swinging Burlesque Boudoir bedecks an amusing hour of variety entertainment with an inspiring vintage charm. Curated by Missy Fatale, the evening intersperses old-fashioned cheesecake beauties with clever magic tricks.
The burlesque half of the bill adheres to an underlying pre-war atmosphere, going for graceful moves and delicate sensuality. Ms. Fatale helms the ship with a dainty flapper act, doing a dapper Charleston in a fringed blue dress, as well as disrobing to Benny Goodman in a sinuous, elegant fan dance.
Erotic Review The Swinging Burlesque Boudoir at Volupte, 2010

… the embodiment of the Burlesque siren – both gorgeous and captivating. A true vintage beauty, who stole the show effortlessly.
Xposure 2009
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