“A mini volcano!  Blisteringly hot eye-magnet of Burlesque brilliance!”
Bioux Lee Hayes,
Boom Boom & La Reve

An INTERNATIONAL Burlesque Siren, and one of London’s most sought after cabaret stars, Missy has captivated audiences across the world with her hypnotic burlesque performances – from the absinthe salons of PARIS and baroque theatres of Milan, to the cirque-carnivals of Australia, and the GEISHA district of Kyoto, Japan. This formidable femme fatale has showcased in prestigious burlesque revues and high-end cabarets, as well as for private clients including The Serpentine Gallery, Hollywood producers Ridley Scott Associates, and British Royalty.

Missy’s burlesque and FIRE shows range from intoxicating EXOTICA, vaudevillian FREAKSHOW and SNAKE-CHARMING, to old-fashioned elegance & CLASSIC BURLESQUE. Her avant-garde performances are always exquisitely polished and innovative – creating atmospheric, beautifully choreographed works, complemented by ornate vintage costumes and corsetry.

A fire-eating vixen with a bombshell-aesthetic, ivory skin, dusky red hair and a breath-taking 18-inch corseted waist, she evokes the gin-soaked glamour of the decadent 1920’s, combined with the timeless beauty of Hollywood’s Golden Age.  Her looks are frequently compared to burlesque legend Dita Von Teese, and she draws inspiration from icons such as Tura Satana, Cyd Charisse, Rita Hayworth, and the infamous Josephine Baker.  Missy and her creations are influenced by a plethora of sources, including – the Beautiful & the Macabre, vintage erotica, French surrealist literature, Lynchian strangeness, and 1940’s Film Noir.

The daughter of a Parisian showgirl and a direct descendant of England’s ruthless King, Henry the VIII – Missy is also the Director of Cakewalk Cabaret, real-life devotee to 1930′s Swing dance, and lover of gin, hedonism, and New Orleans jazz.


FREDRIK the Royal Python

Missy’s beautiful 4ft Royal Python Fredrik, is also a seasoned performer.  The species is so named because it is reputed that Cleopatra used to wear them on her wrists as bracelets, and Fredrik frequently pays homage to this tradition.  Originally hailing from Ghana in Africa, Fredrik’s markings are a kaleidoscope of black, dark green and olive – he also loves New Orleans jazz..

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